05/2018 "Elusa: Animal Husbandry and Trade in a Town Between Desert and Mediterranean“, Panel: „Crisis on the Margins of the Byzantine Empire. A Bioarchaeological Project in the Negev Desert“, 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology.
11/2017 Co-Organisation und Eröffnung des 2nd Meeting of the Research Network "Food in Anatolia and its Neighbouring Regions" mit einer Einleitung in die Thematik "Food and Landscape", Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Istanbul.
06/2017 "Stopover on the Incense Route: What Faunal Remains Can Tell about Diet, Daily Life and Economy in the Nabataean Town Elusa"; Archaeozoology of Southwest Asia and Adjacent Areas, XIIIth International Meeting, Nicosia, Zypern.