Vortrag am 25.1.2018


Byzantine Studies in an Age of Environmental Crisis: Ecocritical Readings in Medieval Greek Literature

Dr. Adam Goldwyn (North Dakota State University)

am 25. Januar 2018,  16:15 Uhr 

This talk aims to introduce scholars of the ancient and medieval worlds to the theoretical discourse of ecocriticism, broadly defined as the study of the depiction of the environment in literature. The environmental and ecological context in which pre-industrial literature was composed and read is fundamentally different than our own, and ecocriticism can help explain the environmental ideologies of past cultures and demonstrate the ways in which our current environmental moment shapes our own reading and interpretive practices. By way of demonstration, ecocritical theory will be applied to examine the environmental ideologies that undergird the gendering of natural and built spaces in the Byzantine romances, a corpus of roughly a dozen works written in Greek during the 12th to 15th centuries. In such works as the twelfth-century “proto-romance” Digenis Akritis as well as in later romances such as the Tale of Achilles, the relationship between the aristocratic men who are the heroes of the romance and the spaces in which they reside is one of conflict and domination: success and failure – masculinity itself – are measured in part by men’s ability to survive in harsh nature and kill the fierce wild animals they find there or to subdue their enemies in combat. Female spaces, by contrast, are markedly different: women only thrive in carefully cultivated gardens walled off from the rest of society.


Der Vortrag findet statt im

Seminarraum 00-309 in der Hegelstr. 59, 55122 Mainz (Münchfeld).

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