Seminar 'Imagining the human world. Psychological approaches to the archaeological record'

Im Rahmen seines Aufenthaltes am GRK bietet Prof. Dr. Paul Pettit (Durham University) einen Workshop rund um das Thema der kognitiven Archäologie an. Einen einleitenden Vortrag hält Prof. Pettitt am 10. Januar 2022 um 16 Uhr. Nähere Informationen hierzu folgen. Weitere Seminartermine finden mittwochs in der Hegelstraße 59 (Übungsraum 00-308) zwischen 10-12 Uhr statt.

Humans, whether ancient or modern, are adept at creation a cultural web around themselves, expressed by language, symbol, and material culture. Archaeologists are adept classifiers and quantifiers of the remains of ancient civilizations. Over the last three decades, attempts have been made to understand the cognition and psychological underpinning of ancient societies through the physical remains of their art, architecture, material culture and other evidence for their quotidian and symbolic lives. How best to approach such an ambitious subject? Can we achieve this objectively, or is it just another narrative in a postmodern engagement with an otherwise mute archaeological record? In this seminar we will explore attempts made under the name of 'cognitive archaeology', the use of psychological concepts by cognitive archaeologists, what psychologists think of past societies, and how we may engage scientifically with our datasets, whatever their age and context. All interests and archaeological subject matters welcome

Weitere Informationen zu Terminen und Themen finden Sie hier.