20.-23.09.2022 “The Making of the Big Picture: On the Ancient Egyptian Celestial Diagrams and their long decorative tradition”- Imagining the Sky: The Zodiac and related astral imagery in the ancient world, Freie Universität Berlin.
06.05.2022 “The Ancient Egyptian Celestial Diagrams: Between Change and Continuity”- Birmingham Egyptology Symposium 2022. Shifting Sands: Change Over Time in Ancient Egypt.
05.11.2021 “A Fresh Look at the Egyptian Celestial Diagrams" - Symposium Weekend, Society for the the study of Egyptian antiquities, Canada
06.05.2021 "Ancient Egyptian Astronomy between Text and Image"- Early Texts Cultures Research Cluster at University of Oxford
22-25.04.2021 The New Kingdom Celestial Diagrams - A survey. Vorgetragen auf dem 72nd ARCE annual meeting 22.-25. April 2021